Assumption Parish
Confirmation Preparation - Hunger Banquet
Photos by Father Tom

The Director of Religious Education, Cathy Romano & Randy Miller, Youth Minister, designed a Hunger Banquet once again this year
to help prepare our 75 8th Grade Candidates for Confirmation. Our Confirmation Catechists: Randy Miller, Grace Mary Avitabile,
Bill Frazer & Chris Mulliken joined with our Confirmation Parents and our Social Concerns Committee leadership, our Parish Food Closet
and our guest speaker, "The Soup Lady" (Linda C.) who feeds hot soup beneath I-95 (John Street, Bridgeport) during the winter months
on Sunday when all the Soup Kitchens are closed. Assumption has been supporting her Ministry now for 7 years.

The Hunger Banquet divided up the 75 students proportionally to reflect world hunger...ergo one goup had a table, chairs and a great meal
reflecting the rich, another group sat on chairs and no tables representing the middle class, and most sat on the floor.
Those on the floor has rice, those in chairs rice and beans, and those at table, a delicious three course meal!

After the "Hunger Banquet," there were three presentations from: our Parish Social Concerns Committee
who shared all they do with the help of the parish at large for the hungry poor, our Parish Food Closet Committee
made a presentation about all they do also with the help of the parish at large to feed about 21 families in our local area
and finally Linda, the "Soup Lady" told her story of the poor, cold, hungry who she feeds Sundays
during the Winter thanks in large measure to Assumption's support.

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