Sunday's with the "Soup Lady"
(on John Street, underneath I-95 in Bridgeport)

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Assumption, Westport through our Social Concern's Committee has sponsored Linda Cervero, aka "The Soup Lady!"
For years she has faithfully provided hot, homemade soup for Vietnam Vets, Street People and Children on Sunday's,
when most if not all local Soup Kitchen's are closed. Sharing the Soup beneath the I-95 John Street overpass in
Bridgeport provides protection when it is raining or snowing. Various members of our Social Concern's Committee
along with parishioners have teamed up with Linda to help her distribute the Soup.

Pictured here is Michael Palumbo, of our parish. Like all who get involved with Linda's wonderful outreach, the
first reaction is: "I can't believe 15 minutes from Westport there are so many homeless who are hungry and rely on
Linda's Sunday Soup. Father, you would not believe how absolutely grateful they are!"

Thanks to your Thanksgivng Gifts of Plenty and also your Advent Angel Christmas Giving, these poor and hungry sisters
and brothers in the Lord do recieve on these two holidays and throughout the year our love and support. Linda has
written me many Thank You Notes throughout the year telling me that without Assumption's support she could not be able
to continue her work of mercy. Recently she wrote a note thanking me for directing Mike to her, as he has been a
tremendous help these past four weeks. We are very proud of Mike, Paul Travers (another parishioner who has for more
than a few years faithfully helped Linda) and all of you who through Social Concerns have provided food that literally
keeps many of them alive and healthy through Linda's ministry.

Thank you Mike, Paul, Linda, Connie (all in Social Concerns who help Connie) and each one of you for your charity,
generosity and love for the poor Christ.

Father Tom